Commitment to Accessibility and Social Responsibility

"Do the right thing, because it is right."
— Immanuel Kant

Accessibility Statement

Why should we care about digital accessibility? There is the business case, and the regulatory compliance requirements.
But the prime motive is – it is the right thing to do, for an inclusive society.

The Objective: This website should be easily accessible and usable for you, irrespective of your device, browser, network speed, or ability.

The Method: To ensure this, the focus is to meet and exceed, the Level AA standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.  And use the Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) 1.1 specifications, to complement this where needed.

Please Note: Accessibility is an evolving process. Sometimes, unintentional errors and unknowing mistakes do happen. If you've any trouble accessing or using this website, please email me. I'll look into it right away.

Overview of Accessibility Features

The accessibility-specific considerations incorporated in this website, are listed below.

  • This website is fully accessible via mouse, keyboard, or touch.
  • All web pages are structured with appropriate semantic elements.
  • Each page's content is organized in a logical order, with proper hierarchical headings.
  • The website colors ensure sufficient color contrast, and does not rely on color alone for communication.
  • Informative images are denoted with alternative text. In addition to that, textual descriptions are given for complex graphical content, like charts and diagrams.
  • Linked PDF documents are tagged properly, so that screen reading software can correctly understand the page structure.
  • Web pages can be zoomed up to 300% without any issues.
  • Skip links are provided on every page, to make keyboard navigation easier.
  • All focusable elements have clearly perceivable focus indicators.
  • Care is taken to avoid unnecessary motion and animations.

Limitations and Known Issues

This website has been tested on popular web browsers, with an open‑source screen reading software, and using online accessibility evaluation tools.

That said, here are a few things that are pending.

  • Testing has not been done using any speech recognition software.
  • Real-life evaluation has not been done by persons with disabilities. Compliance to accessibility guidelines alone, doesn't ensure actual accessible usability.
  • There is no built‑in functionality to change colors, contrast levels, or fonts.
  • Also, it is not possible to modify the line height or spacing of text.

These could be reconsidered, if special need arises. There's still lots to do, and I'm always learning more about accessibility.

In the meantime, if you face any specific issues, while using any part of this website, please do email me. I'll try to correct it, as soon as possible.

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